Some more from the Manx Electric Railway

This wonderfully evocative lithographic poster was produced by MER in its heyday (circa 1920) and gave the intending traveller a surprisingly accurate idea of the scenery that awaited them. One of those rare cases where the quality of the product far exceeds the advertising! I picked up this poster on eBay some years ago for a paltry £75 and I haven’t seen another since. However, for those of you hankering after a copy of it, there is an excellent book titled “Happy Holidays in the Isle of Man: Railway, Shipping & Holiday Posters” by Gordon N Kniveton which was published some years ago. It contains high quality colour reproductions of this as well as many other posters, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

That the MER’s advertising was a success can be judged from the traffic returns from 1925 which show the trams carrying a staggering 789,000 passengers and clocking up 330,000 miles in service. Today’s operation is far more modest but the vehicles and route are almost unchanged with the countryside little affected by urban development. While some of the Glens such as that at Garwick have been sold off, the bulk of them remain in Government ownership and, these days, you will probably have them to yourself. To me, the Groudle Glen is the most interesting due to the presence of the Groudle Glen Railway, while that at Ballaglass is the most beautiful and a peaceful place to escape the madding crowd.

MER advertising poster from the early 1920s.


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  1. Posted by christian on August 15, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    hi everyone – here is the link to my facebook photo album from the isle of man:

    enjoy and join the fb-iom community as well! we love the TT – in order to ensure its survival from the onslaught of the nanny state, it needs YOUR support!


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